Yarn Diet

A lot has been happening lately and somehow I have found myself planning my son’s second birthday party.  He is 21 months right now so a bit early, but his birthday falls right in the middle of holiday season so better early than rushed at the end.  We own our own business and I have after spending five years in school for Social Work and countless internships and crappy starter jbs have abandoned that line of work for the moment to pursue cooking.  Don’t worry all thIs rambling is leading somewhere.  I only work one day a week but that one day is Sunday, my husband’s only day off, so yay, Mummy gets out of the house but then there is little quality family time.  Soooo I’m quitting the job, and other things, like buying wool.  Not forever, that would be crazy, but I have been thinking a lot about life lately and how time is spent and how much time is wasted.  I don’t want to waste a moment of my time with my son.  So I should spend less, enjoy what I have and use that up.  I don’t want to die someday with a huge unused stash that tells of hours spent perusing yarn stores for no reason and results in hours and money wasted.  But I do love to knit I just want to knit my stash down some and then go from there.  Of course, sock wool doesn’t count.  

I also want to frog my finished objects that no longer suit me, why waste the wool?  If I spend less money, I need to earn less money  so that is my focus while raising my son and enjoying my husband.  I am going to pursue cooking still, but Etsy and my writing and designing will get a little bit more attention so hopefully I can enjoy every wonderful and not so wonderful moment with my son.  As far as I know, we only get one shot at it, so I want to do it right.   Soooo….who would like to help me frog some projects?  


I have been knitting since I was nine.

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