The Suffolk Slouch








Recommended Yarn: Cascade Yarns, Cloud. Aran weight, 164 yds/150 meters.

Gauge: 14sts by 17rows over pattern.




Special stitches: Twist 2, insert right hand needle into second stitch on left hand needle, knit, leave on needle, now knit the first stitch on left hand needle and pull both stitches off the left hand needle together.




Cast on 60 sts with 5mm needles.


Work 1 inch K1P1 rib.


Switch to 6mm needles.


*Twist 2, repeat to end of round.


Knit 3 rounds.**


Repeat last 4 rounds for 7 inches, end after Twist round.




K4, K2tog, repeat to end


K3, K2tog, repeat to end


K2, K2tog, repeats to wnd


Twist row, knit second and third sts on needle together leave sts on left needle, k1st, slip all sts off together, repeat to end.


K2tog to end.


K2tog to end.


B&T and then weave in ends.







I have been knitting since I was nine.

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