The Suffolk Slouch








Recommended Yarn: Cascade Yarns, Cloud. Aran weight, 164 yds/150 meters.

Gauge: 14sts by 17rows over pattern.




Special stitches: Twist 2, insert right hand needle into second stitch on left hand needle, knit, leave on needle, now knit the first stitch on left hand needle and pull both stitches off the left hand needle together.




Cast on 60 sts with 5mm needles.


Work 1 inch K1P1 rib.


Switch to 6mm needles.


*Twist 2, repeat to end of round.


Knit 3 rounds.**


Repeat last 4 rounds for 7 inches, end after Twist round.




K4, K2tog, repeat to end


K3, K2tog, repeat to end


K2, K2tog, repeats to wnd


Twist row, knit second and third sts on needle together leave sts on left needle, k1st, slip all sts off together, repeat to end.


K2tog to end.


K2tog to end.


B&T and then weave in ends.






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Haven’t Been Blogging, But Have Been Knitting!


I have recently finished the Armande Vest which was reused wool from failed StoryTeller Hoodie.  I also cast off two hats, the Better Bucket Hat and the Quest cloche and have cast on the Girl in the World sweater for myself and the Alyn pullover as part of a knitalong with a Ravelry and IRL friend.  This sweater is pretty special as it is the first sweater I have started for my husband!   Lots of Christmas knitting and Etsy sewing to fit in over the next few weeks.  Hopefully, I find time to blog a little bit more after I run the 15k I have been training for this coming Sunday!

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“You’re a stay-at-home mom? What do you DO all day?”

I feel so validated 🙂

The Matt Walsh Blog

It’s happened twice in a week, and they were both women. Anyone ought to have more class than this, but women — especially women — should damn well know better.

Last week, I was at the pharmacy and a friendly lady approached me.

“Matt! How are those little ones doing?”

“Great! They’re doing very well, thanks for asking.”

“Good to hear. How ’bout your wife? Is she back at work yet?”

“Well she’s working hard at home, taking care of the kids. But she’s not going back into the workforce, if that’s what you mean.”

“Oh fun! That must be nice!”

“Fun? It’s a lot of hard work. Rewarding, yes. Fun? Not always.”

This one wasn’t in-your-face. It was only quietly presumptuous and subversively condescending.

The next incident occurred today at the coffee shop. It started in similar fashion; a friendly exchange about how things are coming along with the…

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Chunky Toddler Mitts

I just made this for my son! Such a cute and easy knit! I think a lot of neices and nephews will be getting mittens for Christmas.

Art & Design by Katie Aaberg

Chunky Toddler Mitts

Size: 2-3 years (hand is 5” long)
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky – less than 60 yards (shown in “oatmeal”)
Tools: US size 10.5 and 10 (or 9) double-pointed needles, US size K crochet hook
Gauge: 3.5 sts x 5 rows = 1” square on size 10.5 needles

Cast on 20 sts on size 10 needles (use size 9 if you like a tighter cuff), join into round and work 2×2 rib (*k2, p2* around) for 8 rounds (do more if you‘d like a longer cuff).
Switch to size 10.5 needles and knit 6 rounds in stockinette stitch.
On next round: k16, m1, k2, m1, k2, m1 (23 sts).
On next round: k16, slip last 7 sts to a spare needle or stitch holder for thumb, cast on two sts above thumb.
Rearrange sts so there are 6 sts on each needle, round beginning is between the two cast…

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Yarn Diet

A lot has been happening lately and somehow I have found myself planning my son’s second birthday party.  He is 21 months right now so a bit early, but his birthday falls right in the middle of holiday season so better early than rushed at the end.  We own our own business and I have after spending five years in school for Social Work and countless internships and crappy starter jbs have abandoned that line of work for the moment to pursue cooking.  Don’t worry all thIs rambling is leading somewhere.  I only work one day a week but that one day is Sunday, my husband’s only day off, so yay, Mummy gets out of the house but then there is little quality family time.  Soooo I’m quitting the job, and other things, like buying wool.  Not forever, that would be crazy, but I have been thinking a lot about life lately and how time is spent and how much time is wasted.  I don’t want to waste a moment of my time with my son.  So I should spend less, enjoy what I have and use that up.  I don’t want to die someday with a huge unused stash that tells of hours spent perusing yarn stores for no reason and results in hours and money wasted.  But I do love to knit I just want to knit my stash down some and then go from there.  Of course, sock wool doesn’t count.  

I also want to frog my finished objects that no longer suit me, why waste the wool?  If I spend less money, I need to earn less money  so that is my focus while raising my son and enjoying my husband.  I am going to pursue cooking still, but Etsy and my writing and designing will get a little bit more attention so hopefully I can enjoy every wonderful and not so wonderful moment with my son.  As far as I know, we only get one shot at it, so I want to do it right.   Soooo….who would like to help me frog some projects?  

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Knitting Everywhere

This is me knitting while waiting for the train this morning.

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Repurposed Wool Storage

I am currently on a mission to decorate my living room and make it amazing and welcoming. I would also like for it to reflect our personalities while not spending a lot of money. Last year at a thrift store, I found a wine bottle holder for $2 and have just moved it around since. With the use of some heavy duty 3M strips, I hung it up in the living room (out of reach for little hands) and have put my skeins in it. I wish I hadn’t wound so many of them into cakes now. The next step is to figure out how to display my wool cakes in the living room. And voila! Ooh and maybe I need some more skeins to fill the display 😉

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