You get what you pay for…

I feel that it takes a crazy amount of effort to be modest where we live. I want my son to grow up respecting women and understand that it is great to express yourself but to try and do that without looking like a slob or being half naked. I have started wearing more dresses but it is almost impossible to find skirts that hit below the knee which leaves one at risk for wardrobe malfunctions if they were to bend incorrectly, the wind blows, etc. So my solution to that is to wear tights. Eventually when I get a free hour (mothers of toddlers, feel free to laugh) I will whip out a couple of vintage skirts on my sewing machine and be set. But then we have the other issue, cheap ass tights that develop holes by looking at them. I guess I am going to attempt to knit tights for the fall to combat this problem. Hashtagknittersproblems.


I have been knitting since I was nine.

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