Still Not Settled ergo Not Much Knitting

We are still settling into the new apartment and closing up shop on the old one so not much free time. Baby has also been sick (as well as myself, again). I went into JoAnn Fabrics today for a few minutes and thought to myself that it would be amazing to win some kind of shopping spree, buy even more amazing to win the time to craft everything I want to. I am not a preachy blogger but horrific events like today really make you think about time and how we spend it. All the time we waste as humans being upset with loved ones (granted some people are incapable of coexisting with) and bickering over misinterpreted tones of voice, could be spent hugging or doing other things we love. I am turning thirty this year and I am striving for the next thirty are filled with way more warm fuzzy moments and less bull.


I have been knitting since I was nine.

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